Cocktail Bar Trinity in Monte Carlo

The bar in Monaco is one of the most unusual and versatile establishments in the entire French Riviera.

Located in the legendary Monte Carlo, Trinity Irish Bar Monaco take the cocktail bar and Irish pub fusion to the next level, with two separate locations across the road: Mountainside and Seaside.

On the mountain side located an incredibly beautiful Irish Bar, where guests can enjoy drinks and delicious cuisine, developed by a world-class bartender, chef and pastry chef.

Opposite the Bar, closer to the sea, there is a premium Cocktail Club. In exclusive interiors, guests are offered a unique cocktail menu consisting of signature cocktails you cannot taste in any other bar on the planet.

An extensive collection of high-quality spirits and premium service makes Trinity Irish Bar Monaco a place where you will want to return again and again every time you visit Monte Carlo.

Cocktail Bar Trinity in Monte Carlo   infos

ADDRESS : 7 Rue du Portier, 98000 Monaco  (Google maps)